Garrett Hunter

DOB: 1/31/1982
Place of Birth: San Diego, CA
Height: 6’2″!!!
Weight: 150
Eyes: stumbling green
Hair: I dread the day that my locks are cut.

Garrett is the mythological special effects/makeup artist for Mega64. While he occasionally appears in front of the camera he is “A” number one behind the scenes. An avid gamer and self taught artist, his main influence came from watching every Italian horror movie he could get his hands on. His past adventures include singing soulful melodies in the musical group Slow Draw the Hungry Eskimo (Download the full album @ His favorite episode of Evangelion is the one where Rei II sacrifices herself to blow up the 16th Angel. He feels this way because Rei is a beautiful person, not in any sexual aspect, because he does not like to think of her that way. Garrett is a full time electronics technician, loves welding, cats, airsoft, women with more tattoos than him and the everyday struggle of evil to vanquish good from the universe.

Favorite video games: Resident Evil Series, Metal Gear Series, Rock Band Series, Legacy of Kain Series and Final Fantasy Series. Xbox Live/PSN Gamertag: ItchyTastyZombi

Favorite movies: Star Wars Series, Indiana Jones Series, Romero’s Dead Series, Alien Series, Back to the Future Series and Ghost Busters Series
Favorite TV show: Aadult Swim

Favorite bands: The Nirvana, The Judas Priest, The Pixies, The Black Sabbath, The Joy Division, The Slayer, The David Bowie, The Iron Maiden, The Dead Kennedys, The Earth Crisis and The Danzig

Favorite food: Sea Food and Sushi

Absolutely hates: My Enemies

Funniest thing ever seen/heard: Beetle Juice from the Howard Stern Show 10 feet in front of me on a stage getting mad as hell because we sang happy birthday to him when it wasn’t his birthday.