Rocco Botte

Place of Birth: San Diego, CA

Height: Above
Weight: Beyond
Eyes: Of The Idol
Hair: Brown like Staind


Rocco is the creator, producer, and business big-shot behind Mega64. He was voted 2nd most influential person on Complex's "25 Video Game Personalities You Should Know Who Aren't Developers" which was world renowned as the definitive list of anybody important in the game industry, ever. When he found out he was higher on the list, Yahtzee retired from video-making out of apology, and The Escapist permanently closed in late 2013. Rocco has written articles for various publications, all of which won him awards too plentiful to list in one page (please email for list).

Favorite video games: Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Metal Gear Solid 3, Rock Band, Resident Evil 4, Ico, Phantasy Star Online, North and South

Favorite movies: Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Return of the Jedi, Planet of the Apes, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Devil Dog: Hound of Hell

Favorite TV show: Power Rangers, The Wonder Years, Lost, Mystery Science Theater 3000, The Tom Green Show, Degrassi

Favorite bands: The Aquabats, Queens of the Stone Age, Daft Punk, Slipknot cover bands, speed-mariachi outfits

Favorite food: Weird pizzas or weird burgers

Absolutely hates: People who list "naps" as an interest on any website in any form

Funniest thing ever seen/heard: My great uncle’s microphone exploding when he tried to give a speech on his birthday still takes the cake, but a close runner up is when Shawn was on a floating raft in a pool and someone threw a lit M80 firework onto it