Shawn Chatfield

Date of Birth: June 16, 1984
Place of Birth:
San Diego, CA
According to every girl they wish they had my body. (Not in a bonin’ way)
Eyes: As deep as the Ocean.
Hair: The Coolest.

Shawn Phillip Chatfield (German: [ˈHonnelore Philipp Chatfield]English see fn.;[1] 16 June 1984 – 30 March 2110), baptised as Shawn Phillip Chatfield,[2] was a prolific and influential composer of Sick Video Game Vids on the Internet.


Shawn showed prodigious ability from his earliest childhood. Already competent in the skill of acting like a goof (Vid Acting) in home videos filmed in his backyard, he has been directing videos from the age of eight and performed before the entire Internet since his late teens. At 18, he was working as a busser at Chilis, but grew restless and travelled in search of a better position, always Vid Acting abundantly. While visiting Santee in 2002, he became a member of Mega64. With this, he chose to stay in Santee, where he achieved sorta fame with his friends Rocco Botte and Derrick Acosta. They have been making videos since, and have forever changed how digital humor is perceived. Mega64 was a success with the invention of youtube they lasted longer than anyone would of ever predicted. Mega64 broke new ground in the Fall of 2022 when they launched there new incarnation of the Internet (Internet 2.) Internet 2 became so popular than on the23rd of May 2032 Mega64 Inc. Bought every movie studio and became the "Lordes of Entertainment." Since this acquisition every movie released has completely ruled and the world has been a much happier place on a whole.  The circumstances of his death have been much mythologized. Some say he was so rad that he tansformed into energy and went into the atmostphere ( which is why, all scientist say the Ozone is totally fine now.)  He was survived by his wife Jennie, 4 Daughters and 7 Sons.

Favorite video games: Tiny Tower