Hello everyone! In this years MLK tribute cast we are still currently streaming live! So, if you ever get sick of seeing those worms dancing to Jingle Bells you can watch the first hour of this stream and see where it all began. Just a heads up we are still adjusting the audio so Rocco sounds a little far away.

In this episode: While I (Shawn) was in Vegas the guys debate whether I am going to be able to get this podcast up in time. They also talk about movies they saw and all the games they have been playing. Plus, they go in to the making of our new video REAL LIFE SPEEDRUN!!!! (I.R.L.D.Q.) (IT'S REAL LIFE DONE QUICK)! Check it out guys!!! Listen to the audio version here!

That's all from me for now, you may no go back to watching those worms dance.

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