Hey guys! In time for the funniest/best/coolest/cutest/sweetest/handsomest podcast on the internet! And before you think I just being cocky over here, let me assure you that that's what The Guinness Book of World Records says not me! (Click here for the link to check it out for yourself!!!) In this podcast we talk about filming our new video with Koji Igarashi! We talk about how filming half of that video in San Francisco and the other in a Haunted location in San Diego. We also tell your our possible ghost story that happened while filming, we let you be the judge of was the spooky? We also cover E3 predictions and have another groundbreaking installment of Will.i.am Idiot.he.is. Check it out!!! Click here for the audio version!!!

That's all for now! Come back soon and hang out with us again!!!! We need to you see!!! Please call me back!!! i love you

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