IT'S THE FAIRCAST 2015!!!!!!

Hey guys!!!! We decided to take a quick break from all the Conventions and traveling to bring you Mega64's FAIRCAST 2015!!! For those of you who are not aware of this landmark tradition, this is where we go to the San Diego County Fair and eat as much gross fried food (i.e. Deep fried pickle and peanut butter with chocolate and powered sugar on top) as possible.  We also take you on rides with us do a little impromptu dancing. Plus, watch to see if Shawn will bungee jump or will he waste Rocco's money! That and so much more happens on Mega64's trip to the fair! You can click here for the audio...but you really should watch this one.

 Lastly, this week keep an eye out for another video! We fly out to Dallas for SGC on Thursday, hope to see you all there!!!!

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