A shocking revelation is made tonight, as Mega64 makes another huge announcement- THE GAMER WARZ COMPLETE SAGA DVD SET.  Watch the trailer here!

This collaboration between Mega64 and legendary game composer and video game icon Tommy Tallarico may be the most important piece of art in video game or cinema history. This ultimate collectors' DVD set has the previously seen "Gamer Warz" trilogy of episodes, plus an ALL NEW full-length episode (the longest yet). Best of all, it fits all of these episodes together as one, uncut movie- The way it was MEANT to be seen.

Plus, the entire saga features full-length "TOMMENTARY" with series mastermind Tommy Tallarico. And maybe best of all- the set comes in a high-quality pullout artwork box. This is a very special release for its very special fans, and above all else, is meant to be a great collectors' item. The Gamer Warz Complete Saga set will be out on CYBER MONDAY (November 26th) right here at!

What do you think? A new Mega64 compilation DVD on Black Friday, and the Gamer Warz DVD on Cyber Monday. Did you think your Thanksgiving would be this intense?

W'e'll be announcing even more new stuff for Thanksgiving weekend soon. We'll also be revealing the full contents of our TIME TRAVELERS DVD soon too. Stay tuned for all that!

We'll be at the Gametrailers Film Festival tonight. Hope to see some of you guys there!

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