(Quick note: My highlight every Thanksgiving is finding Black Friday trampling images on Google Image search) We're all preparing for Thanksgiving time here at Mega64, and there's no better time to let you know about the KILLER DEALS that will be chucking up the day after Thanksgiving. Forget WalMart, tell JC Penny's to shove it- is where you'll find ALL the gifts you need for anybody alive this holiday season! Here's our shopping guide to Mega64 merchandise coming this Black Friday: -We will have NEW POSTERS on sale on Friday! As in, more than one! We'll have a full set of new designs, and a special bundle to buy them all. BONUS: The first 100 poster orders on Black Friday will get AN ADDITIONAL FREE POSTER that we will not be printing again. You'll definitely want to get on this as soon as they go on sale. -The new Mega64: Night Time DVD will finally go on sale! This DVD is the followup to "Mega64 Time," and is another huge volume of irrelevant Mega64 odds and ends (Commercials we've made, videos we were commissioned to do, videos with no point, etc.) from 2007 through 2009. Emphasis on huge- This DVD set has more video content on it than anything we've ever released, and a full extra disc of commercials on top of that! Many of the videos are even UNRELEASED or UNCUT! So what exactly is in this set? Here's the full list! Disc One: The Video Disc!
  • Thanks Bungie!
  • God of Games!
  • Cozplayerz!
  • The Haunted Wii!
  • Todd & Aaron's Game of the Year Awards!
  • A Five Star Christmas!
  • Christmas Convention Special!
  • Rock Jam!
  • The Freakout Theory!
  • Mega64 Webisode

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