First of all, let us apologize- We had a new video planned to show you, but it got canned at the last minute. It sucks, but in its place, we finally bring you the lost Game Gurlz footage. We told you before that we had so much leftover footage from our last outing that it could be its own video. Well- Here it is, a heaping helping of Game Gurlz flavored leftovers. It may give you a stomach ache. Then, coming up next, is our Mega64 Podcast Episode 240, in celebration of Cyber Monday! Listen to them talk (digitally) about Gamedays 2012, Black Friday, and much more! Watch it below! Audio version here (still uploading, may not be up for a bit) We wanted to take another moment out to thank everyone who came to Gamedays 2012 at Disneyland! We had a great time, and it was awesome to see and spend time with SO MANY of you! Here's our pic we took at the castle; Click below for a huge version!   This year, we still had a HUGE group even at the park closing! What normally is about 10 or 15 people blew up to... much larger this time! Here is our photo of the late-night-lurking Disneyland midnight crew, REPRESENT: We had such a fun time and we hope you did too! Happy Holidays everybody! Stay tuned for more updates soon!

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