We have just released our third, trilogy-ending commercial for this year's Game Developers Conference. You may view it, but only if you have TOTAL respect for video games as an art form and NOTHING else. Watch it here or on Youtube in HD, but don't you dare have any "fun" doing it. But if you DO want to have fun, you know you can come see us at PAX East next month in Boston, right? We wanted to update you with BREAKING NEWS we just discovered- As of right now, our panel is scheduled for Friday, March 26th, at 9:30PM. It's late like we like it! We promise you will not leave disappointed. Well, no more disappointed than usual, anyway. So yeah, that brings us to our final order of business today- The podcast. Podcast 133 is down below, and the audio version is here! This time we kick back a couple Faygos, sit in our luxurious Sumos, and talk Lost like the old days! We'll see you again real soon!

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