Do you like hearing us talk? We hope you do, because today is full of a LOT of that. First up is our brand new Mega64 Podcast Episode 283, where we discuss a whole mess of things with our special guest, Kian from the world's coolest tech company Razer! Watch below, or click here for the audio version! Then after that, we uploaded the Q&A session from our Mega64 Gamedays 2013 screening outside of Disneyland! While you won't find any of the secret videos and stuff we showed, and the audio sucks pretty bad, you will hopefully still get a little taste of what a fun couple days it was. Watch below or over at Youtube!   And lastly, our buddies at Gametrailers just put up a clip of us talking a little more in depth on our entry into the past console generation. A fun little walk down memory lane... watch it below!   That's it for now, but don't forget- XMASCAST 2013 is coming. It will be streamed live this Sunday at 7PM Pacific, with a fancy edited version up by the next Tuesday. What will happen? Will the crew survive? Come back and see!

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