It took me like an hour to think of that subject title, dude. This week's podcast is a virtual affair. We green screen ourselves into far away lands as we discuss Wolverine, Star Tours, and Burger King. Burger King raps, specifically. Watch below or subscribe to the left! Audio version here. Note that in this podcast we make reference to a video we made for IGN that has not yet been posted. Spoiler warning on those parts. A lot of you will notice the distinct lack of Garrett in the past few podcasts. Gone with his presence, one would argue, has been our energy as well. The truth is, we've been fitting podcasts in between other things happening in our busy schedules. We're filming so much new stuff that it's kinda overwhelming! But we promise it'll be worth the wait in the end. There's been little time to play games, but for a few moments, I got to check out the Wolverine game. Despite the movie being firmly planted in "hollow" territory, the game is a pretty fun experience! I'm kinda hoping I also keep a few minutes to play the Klonoa remake coming out tomorrow. The game had a charm to it back in the day that I really liked, but for some reason I'd never played through it all. The controls felt a little tired to me, I guess? I think re-releasing this on the Wii is a good idea- Madworld has worn on me so, like, another Wii game is a good idea, I guess. Come back soon for a new skit!

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