Today we're dropping one of our most EPIC PRANKS yet! We've teamed up with British prankster Jonny Nutmegg to bring you the most LOLworthy stunt to ROFL your waffles! Gather the family around to watch our "GENITAL MUTILATION PRANK" today and have a good old fashioned laugh!


Before that, we gave a little early upload to our latest Mega64 Podcast! It's episode 375. We talk pretty heavily about the various Final Fantasy VII releases, the Game Awards... and we even host some LIVE coverage from the show floor at PSX! You won't want to miss that, right? Watch it below or listen to the audio version here!


Thanks so much for checking out Mega64 this week! In case we didn't mention it to you before, the Mega64 Snapback hats are back on sale right now. These are constantly gone so don't miss your chance! Thanks to everyone who bought stuff over Thanksgiving weekend and whatnot. Remember that we tell people to allow up to 2 weeks for items to arrive (up to 4 weeks for people overseas). Usually it's much faster than that, but because we sent out so much stuff, a lot of the arrival times are all over the place. Don't worry if your order hasn't shown yet-- just throw us an email at [email protected] if it's been longer than a couple weeks. Thanks for your patience!

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