Long ago, an alliance was made between Aquabats and men. This brave masked band agreed to let the mere children of Mega64 use their timeless songs and compositions in their cornucopia of video whimsy.  However, there was the promise that one day, these children may repay the favor to this most legendary band of musical fighting heroes...

We have come to honor that allegiance.

Mega64 has signed on to regularly contribute to The Aquabats Super Show, debuting on March 3rd on the rad cable channel The Hub. Make no mistake- this show is very much within The Aquabats universe, and is just about nothing but raw concentration of monsters, battles, and The Aquabats' music blasting triumphantly. But every now and then, keep an eye out for a Mega64-flavored moment in the show... you will feel it in your bones.

We'll be contributing all kinds of fun stuff throughout the coming season- stay tuned to our site to hear about any stuff you should look out for.

Now obviously, this is why we've been a little more quiet on the internet lately. We've been busy, sure... But don't think for a second that we have forgotten about you, the Mega64 fans who crave more videos... We will be back soon, and better than ever! Just you wait and see!

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