This week's Mega64 podcast is all about giving thanks to those who deserve it. Won't you break bread with us at our holiday feast for this week's "THANKSCAST?" Watch below or subscribe to the left! Click here for the audio version. While you're here, we thought we would also kindly ask if you could maybe nominate us for ScrewAttack's "GAMING'S L33T 2008" Awards! If you would be so kind, nominate us in the "Best Independent Gaming Show" and/or "Best Gaming Podcast." We don't think we're nearly drunk with power enough and this award would really help. Can you give us a helping hand? We'll be back after Thanksgiving on Black Friday for the launch of the Mega64 Version 1 Special Edition DVD! We might have another surprise for the hardcore fans, too... You better be ready to wake up early on Friday! Just don't camp out afternoon before and eat Thanksgiving dinner on the sidewalk. That's just retarded. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!

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