Before we get nuts on this post, let's take a moment to remember the peaceful times. This past weekend we had an incredible weekend of fun at Gamedays 2016. Our Day 1 event was incredible (if we do say so ourselves), and the 2nd day at Disneyland was just a blast as always. But the best part of any of it by far were the tons of awesome people we met and spent time with. Check out the official Gamedays group photo below- that has to be the biggest crowd yet, right? Click for the bigger version!

 Not only were there THAT many people, but then look how many people actually stayed to the park closing! Dang!

(Please note that we took these photos in a random corner of Main Street due to the lack of Christmas trees or giant pumpkins or any other centerpiece elsewhere in the area, okay?)

Anyway, we couldn't have had a better time. But as always, the light can only stay so long before the darkest of times prevail... that's right, THE darkest time of all-- BLACK FRIDAY. What other event would we be talking about?

Anyway, this upcoming Black Friday (November 25) is going to be our biggest one yet. Every year we go crazy in our online store, but this year I think we've officially gone the craziest. 

The biggest debut on Black Friday, by far, is our brand new Blu-ray set: Mega64 Once Upon A Time!

This Blu-ray set is a must have if you've enjoyed any of Mega64's stuff in the past few years. Two full Blu-ray discs of past videos in beautiful HD with lossless audio, commentary on everything, TONS of extras and stuff you've never seen or heard... this thing has it all! We will announce the full contents of this set in the coming days, but needless to say, you won't be disappointed. Released on Black Friday 2016!


We will also be offering the "Mega64 Once Upon A Time" Day 1 Bundle, with the Blu-ray and poster and exclusive shirt. Shirt is printed in metallic ink and will ONLY be available in this bundle, not separately. This bundle will only be offered Black Friday weekend 2016. Poster will also be sold separately.


The new Mega64 Teeth Snapback (Purple Version). Art by Daniel Dussault and Jason Cryer. Available for the first time on Black Friday 2016. 


The "Masked Man" shirt-- one of our first pieces of merchandise connected to the world of "Version 4.1." Artwork by Andrew Douglas and Jason Cryer. Available for the first time on Black Friday 2016.


The Mega64 x Kickapoo shirt! The first ever crossover between Mega64 and their favorite sweet nectar of a drink. This will be available for the first time on Black Friday 2016.

The Mega64 Neon Elite shirt. For ONE DAY ONLY, this con-exclusive variant shirt will be on sale online due to overwhelming longtime demand. This is your only shot at getting this online before we retire it from conventions. Artwork by Jason Cryer.


The Experiment Elite shirt. Also for ONE DAY ONLY due to completely insane demand. Artwork by Mariel Cartwright. This will ONLY be available on Black Friday 2016.


The Mega64 "Haunted" Poster. This rare poster print was intended to stay con exclusive like our other posters we made this year- however, the supply we brought to Long Beach Comic Con went nearly untouched as nobody knew where our booth was. We saved the supply and will release this small amount to the true fans on Black Friday ONLY! Artwork by Nina Matsumoto.


The "Mega64 Time!" 2 Disc DVD Set (2015 re-release edition). Yes, after being available at Black Friday of last year, a small supply of these DVDs will be back for 2016. We set aside a supply specifically for conventions before, but just like the "Haunted" poster, we saved them for a couple cons where they were largely undiscovered. We will release this held supply on Black Friday 2016!

In addition to all that stuff, we will also be doing MYSTERY SHIRTS again-- for a cheap price, get a blind-bagged shirt from anytime in Mega64's past! You won't know what shirt you get until you open it... but you WILL know that it's a cheap deal!

We will also be offering discounts on some of the current shirts in the online store.

On top of all that-- all apparel or poster orders will get a bonus MYSTERY POSTER- a rare print from Mega64's past that you will not know until you open! The mystery poster will be included, but folded, with apparel. If you want one unfolded, order a poster and we'll throw one in the tube. Those who preordered our "Once Upon A Time" bundle will already get one in a tube.

Stay tuned for more info on "Mega64 Once Upon A Time" concepts and hope to see you in the madness of Black Friday!

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