First thing's first- Our big annual XMASCAST 2012 episode of the Mega64 Podcast will be going up soon- Aiming to have it up on Christmas Eve. We'll also upload a highlight video as usual! It's coming soon so look forward to it! Or beware of it. Depends on what side of that fence your stomach is on. Now, let's talk about after Christmas. We're going to be doing another sort of mini-sale on our online store. Get your Christmas money ready and behold some of the deals that will be available on December 26th:
  • We have re-printed both of Garrett's previous shirt designs: The Summer Semester shirt and the Lobo Fuerte shirt. They will be on sale, and due to certain fan demands, they will be on a thicker shirt this time. They look great.
  • The Mega64: Version 1 Special Edition DVD set will at long last be back in full stock. It will feature brand new 2013 limited disc artwork.
  • We will have a limited number of Gamer Warz: Complete Saga DVD sets back on sale. Once our Thanksgiving weekend orders had all been shipped, we found out we had just a couple boxes of copies left. We are going to put up a small amount of them on this date. They may last (We have to think that most people who wanted one got one already?), but they may not. Regardless, this will not be printed again.
  • All shirt or poster orders will once again include one free, bonus Backyard Messiahz poster print with the total order. These are while supplies last- We have a VERY small amount of these and we can't guarantee everyone will get one. Just order early.
  • All DVD orders will once again include a free collectible art card with every set (again, while supplies last).
And on top of all that, don't forget that the Time Travelers DVD is still back in full stock as well! These deals will (hopefully) go live around midnight that day, so plan accordingly.
Thanks again for supporting us this year at Mega64! We'll be back soon with the long awaited XmasCast show!

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