It wouldn't be a new year without a PAX, would it? As usual, Mega64 will have a booth at PAX South 2017! Over at Booth #9010, Kevin and Frank will be running the show and bringing all our usual awesome merchandise-- including a few exclusives! Con exclusive Experiment shirts... Con exclusive Blu-rays (Lord of the Rings Part 4, anyone?)... but that's not all. We'll be having a con exclusive poster- the HAX 2.0 poster!


It's a followup to our smash hit HAX poster from last year. Now, some may remember what happened last time- the poster was deeply confusing to many con attendees. A lot of people at the show thought HAX was a real event. We even got a visit from law enforcement! However, the poster went on to be a huge hit online, so we're gonna try an experiment and see what kind of reaction a new one gets. We'll let you know what happens!

For those at home not going to PAX, we have treats for you too! We put up PREORDERS for a reprint of the Experiment Sweatshirts... as well as a brand new design, the Simulated Space shirt!

This stunning new galactic design is brought to you by incredible artists Andrew Douglas and Jason Cryer. One of the best designs we've ever offered. We're trying preorders again this time, since they seemed to work so well on Black Friday. Everyone was able to get the size they wanted without them selling out in .5 seconds! Anyway, preorders will last until Friday night around midnight PST, so get your order in to guarantee you one!

Have you been watching our live stream for the past week? It's gotten pretty weird, but in case you missed anything, keep an eye on our archives channel for some choice gems to start appearing... See you again soon!


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