After many chaotic summer weeks, the Mega64 Podcast has FINALLY returned! Get ready for a much longer Episode 227 as we discuss each and every event we went to in great detail! Watch below, or listen to the audio version right here.


On top of that, we're proud to bring you some NEW merchandise! Some stuff we made available at the cons is finally making its way online!

First up is our new RETRO HORROR shirt:

Derrick presents you this new shirt design of unspeakable teror- on a soft and pleasant cream-colored shirt!

Next up after that is our brand new GAME COVER posters featuring each season of Mega64's half hour show!

Featuring artwork by our buddy Cheeto, each poster represents a stunning chapter in the life of Mega64! Get one today, or buy all 3 for a cheaper price!

We also wanted to let you know that our Version 1 DVDs are about to sell out. It's always a pain when this happens as we never really know when they'll return- you might just want to act on it now!

Come back later this week for some actual new video stuff!

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