You may have already seen it dwelling on YouTube, but the Mega64 Podcast 312 is officially released. It took us a while to get out, because of technical problems, bodily problems, and lord knows what else. But if you simply MUST experience 16 minutes of our Anime Expo booth, you came to the right place. Watch below or listen to the audio version here.

We are hours away from heading out to SGC in Texas! Our panel is this Friday evening at 5PM in Panel Room 1! We'll have a signing directly afterwards. Then, that same night, we will battle HEAD TO HEAD with the wimps at ButtAttack (Formerly ScrewAttack)(Soon to be Buttheadz) at 10PM on the Main Stage. Then, on Saturday at 4PM, we'll be doing the Mega64 Podcast LIVE from Panel Room 2! Come join in on the show. 

Don't forget, after that, we'll be at the SAN DIEGO COMIC CON! We're returning with a booth full of exclusive new stuff, and a big panel on Friday of the show at 8PM in Room 6DE, which is MUCH bigger than past years. Our goal is to not turn anyone away this time, so we think you can line up with a little more confidence. See you somewhere this summer!

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