It's a nice day out, so what better thing to do outside than... podcasting? Yeah, we did a short little impromptu podcast outdoors this week as we bring you up to date on what's going on in the world of movies, games, and latest projects with Mega64. What will win Best Picture? Is The Order 1886 gonna be worth the money? And most importantly... what billion dollar home will Shawn buy in California? Find out all the above by watching the podcast below. Audio version is here.

As we said in the podcast, we've been a little quiet in the videos and streams departments because of some heavy work on upcoming projects. We'll be back in full force very soon. As we also mentioned in the show, we are coming to PAX East in Boston, March 6-8! We'll be at Booth 3069 all weekend, and our panel is on that Friday at 1:30PM in the Bumblebee Theater! You won't want to miss it- we'll be showing a ton of new and exclusive video stuff. We'll also have a ton of crazy exclusive items at our booth, which we'll reveal on the next podcast. Hope to see you on the east coast!

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