You will not believe what Bernie Sanders says about our latest podcast!

The Democratic nominee hopeful was leaving a rally in Spokane Washington when he was asked what he thought of the latest Mega64 Podcast, Sanders (74) went on the record saying " The Podcast was pretty dope, first off, I thought filming it at in a blowing alley restaurant was a great choice! I liked when Derrick gave us his take on The Martian. Anytime the boyz talk about movies I always love to listen, and they talk about a TON of movies this week. I haven't had a chance to play the Star Wars Battlefront Beta since I'm trying to be the president and all, but I really enjoyed listening to Rocco and Shawn talk about it. Over all I'd say it was one of their best podcasts to date, and cant wait to give it another watch when I am the President." You can click here for the audio version even if you are not running for President.

That's all for now. You should come back soon! We got a TON of stuff in the works!!!

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