Did you know it's the 10TH ANNIVERSARY of the Mega64 Podcast! Well, we rightly celebrate with... quitting? That's right- due to the endless success after our appearance on YouTubers React, we may just have reason to retire. See what happens below, along with some great discussion on Lost, ELO, South Park, and Steve Wynn's relaxing voice. Watch below or check out the audio version here!

We also wanted to tell you that we released a promo for our upcoming MEGA64 GAMEDAYS 2016 event- announcing our guests FUNHAUS and BUCKWHEAT GROATS! Plus, plenty more surprises still not revealed. Check out the promo:

That cool promo comes with some bad news- once we uploaded it, the tickets for Day 1 sold out immediately! Please stay tuned as we look into whether or not we can put more tickets on sale. But don't forget that discount Disneyland tickets are still on sale over at the Mega64 Gamedays page. Hope to see you in November!

Stay tuned this week for more fun stuff!

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