First thing's first- you're probably here for our new podcast! It is Tuesday, after all. Watch this week's episode of the Mega64 Podcast and see us discuss Guardians of the Galaxy 2 and... the Emoji Movie?? Yeah... better just watch this one and get it over with. See it below or listen to the audio version here!

If you watch the show, you'll also see that we have announced the dates for the best weekend of every year... MEGA64 GAMEDAYS! Gamedays 2017 is going to be this November 11th and 12th in Anaheim, California! Day 1 is going to be an all-day event (we're always hesitant to call it a 'convention' but... it kinda is now?) full of panels, screenings, booths, special guests, and more! Day 2 is when we go to Disneyland Resort with everybody... but this year, we're gonna change it up a bit. We're gonna spend our Sunday at Disney's California Adventure! In case you're not totally familiar with the park in California- California Adventure is in the exact same area as regular Disneyland. It's just a separate gate. It used to kinda suck (some of it still does, in a comedic way) but they've got a lot of really neat stuff now- some totally renovated and a lot brand new. After years of doing regular Disneyland together, we thought it'd be a lot of fun to do all this new stuff with you guys! A full day of attractions and experiences we've never had together just sounded really cool to us.

But the thing we're really excited about is the Day 1 event- it just gets better every year, and this year's show is gonna be twice as big and fun as the last one. Tickets are on sale RIGHT NOW for the Day 1 event- get yours now. Next month, the price will go up on the tickets, so we recommend doing it as fast as possible. Ask anybody who went before and they'll tell you how fun it is. We also wanted to let you know that we should have a link for discounted park tickets coming a little later- stay tuned for that if you need 'em! Bookmark our Official Mega64 Gamedays page to get all the info and stay up to date!

Last on the list of today's news is a video we dropped the other day- "Get Ready For Halo Fest!" This video was born out of the general feeling that a certain series had lost some luster... it wasn't really relevant to anything, but it felt like it was almost the best time to release it BECAUSE of that. The only thing that didn't work out was that we inadvertently pretty much ripped off an old Mr. Show sketch without realizing it. Whoops. Oh well. It's still a fun video with an ending I absolutely LOVED filming (three guesses why)! Watch the video below!

On that note, we wanted to mention that the coming weeks will feature some slightly shorter, weirder videos from us- we're still working on a bigger production (one you may have heard about) and are going to be experimenting with little goofy videos during this most intense production time. Some may work for you, some may not, but keep coming back to see what's next as we keep on chugging at a bigger enchilada!

As always, thank you for supporting us here at Mega64! And by the way... stay tuned for one last thing...

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