We've been working on some awesome new videos coming out soon, so our schedule was thrown off a bit. But we didn't feel right just leaving you all without some kind of podcast. We did a quick and dirty one the other day where we talked about YouTube's sordid history, Solo, Bloodstained Curse of the Moon, Mad Max, abrupt endings, Intellivision, and a whole bunch of exclusives announced for Mega64 Day. Take a click! Audio version here.

Speaking of Mega64 Day- did you see what we're doing for that day! Well first of all, it's June 4th (6/4 for us here in the US, and... almost nowhere else). We're going to be hanging out and streaming off and on throughout the day on Monday, reminiscing about our past 15 years of existence and more. We'll also be doing some awesome deals in our online store- including new and exclusive items just for that day!






Pretty crazy stuff, huh? Don't miss June 4th or you may regret it! 

All the new stuff will be in preorder. We will close preorders at the end of that night. We'll also be throwing in nostalgic prints as secret prizes!

See you then for more Mega64 fun!

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