Mega64 Podcast 495 - Now You Own Me, Now You Don't

Hey everyone! Prepare yourself for the latest and greatest podcast! In this episode: We discuss Paul McCartney’s Egypt Station, our podcast theme song, a NEW JOKER UPDATE, old people, Nintendo Direct, digital vs. physical media, Shawn’s airplane story, The Predator, Mandy, and top five wiener jokes. Click here for the audio version!

We also had some big movements in our merchandise this week! Over the weekend, we had DREAM Hoodies and NIGHTMARE Shirts go back in stock at long last. But another thing happened that we felt was worth bringing up.

Of all our convention exclusive items, the reaction to our pink NEURO Elite sweatshirts has been the most surprising. We planned to keep it con exclusive, we planned to retire it... but more and more people have demanded it (especially after being worn by a bunch of different famous people. Not even joking!) It has reached a point where we had to make a decision... and that decision is to put it in our online store as a regular item. We love doing exclusives for people who visit us in person, but we have to recognize when we're letting people down online too. We want to make people happy! So, it's up for preorder right now:


But just in case you already had one of those and wanted something new... we got something new for you! And it's from the DEAD!


The Dia De Los Mega64 shirt is just the right shirt for the season! Preorders will stay open until Sunday night. Make sure you don't miss out!

We'll see you later this week for more Mega64 fun!

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