The Mega64 Podcast is back for another thrilling episode from the Mega64 HQ. Frank joins us in the studio as we talk about Nier, anime movie adaptations, Steven Spielberg, and of course, AOL Instant Messenger. Watch below or listen to the audio version here. Brought to you by Badass Buddy.

One of the other things we discussed on this week's show is also our new behind the scenes documentary we just released: "90 Yard Return." This nearly-half-hour special goes into every step of our process in making a couple crazy videos for some video game legends. We tried to really show a different side of the things you normally see, and we hope you guys appreciate it! 


We also mentioned on this week's show that this Friday (April 7), we will be resurrecting a sold out shirt, and doing the first public sale of a previously preorderable item! The SIMULATED SPACE and MASKED MAN shirt in stock this Friday morning!


Both of those items are essentially what we have left from PAX, so there's not a ton of stock. We would recommend moving fast. But speaking of leftovers, we'll also have a VERY small amount of Experiment Sweatshirts that day too!

We have no plans to print more sweatshirts at this point, and these are just a few we have laying around, so don't drop the ball on Friday if you want one. Thanks as always for supporting us here at Mega64! Stay tuned for more fun stuff soon!

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