In case you missed our segment from last night's GTTV episode on Spike, here's our little contribution: A reenactment of the VERY tumultuous development of Activision's upcoming Walking Dead game. We heard our version of the story is pretty much what really happened. Watch below or over at!
And just for fun, we also put up the recording of last year's PAX Prime panel on Youtube! This Q&A session was a lot of fun, and we're happy to finally share it with everyone. Be sure to come see us at PAX East in the spring- We just found out that our panel is going to be on the Friday of that weekend, and tickets are actually still available for that day. You know that won't last long, so jump on it now and hang with us there!
We leave you on one important note: Rocco and Derrick may have actually spoiled The Louvre's plans for an interactive exhibit when they uncovered and posted a video of a Kinect in the museum's roof. The news is running with it now thanks to our friends at Polygon. Whoops!
Have a great Friday and see you Sunday for a live podcast!

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