This is going to be an insane summer for Mega64! We're coming full force to an event in your town... or, I guess, somewhere in the vicinity... somewhere. But the good news is we're coming full force to all of them! Not splitting up or anything like that- just about the whole crew will be in attendance at these shows! And not only that... we'll be bringing some new products with us that we think everyone's gonna be blown away by. We'll be bringing all this stuff to the summer cons, where they'll be available first- if we have stock left after the shows, we'll bring them online. That is, except for the true exclusives... But we'll get to those!

We'll be attending Anime Expo 2017 next week in Los Angeles! July 1-4. We'll be at Booth #3722 all weekend long, ready to see everyone and hawk our awesome wares. But the main event will be at the end of the show- The "Mega64 Panel Unfortunate American Live Action Remake" will be on Tuesday, July 4th in Room LP1! It's their biggest room, so we shouldn't have to turn anyone away this time. Join in for what is usually one of our best panels of the year!

Then, we zoom on over to Austin, Texas for RTX 2017, July 7-9! We'll be at booth #630 all weekend long bringing the same heavy thunder, with a panel to boot- The "Mega64 Digital Influencer Worship Hour" is at 10AM on Saturday, July 8 in the Governor's Ballroom at the Hilton! 

At both of these shows, we'll be bringing all our new & classic merch designs. However, the main event is all our new stuff. Check it out!

The Head Trip Shirt. Artwork by Dusty Peterman. Available first at Anime Expo and RTX.

The Psychedelic 64 Shirt. Artwork by Dusty Peterman. Available first at Anime Expo and RTX.

The Electric Shirt. Artwork by Jason Cryer. Available first at AX and RTX.

The AnimeTrashSwag x Mega64 collaboration shirt. For this Limited Edition item, we have teamed up with one of our favorite design groups in the industry. This item will be specially printed and offered as a limited item at both the Mega64 and the AnimeTrashSwag at Anime Expo. We'll also have it at our booth at RTX!

The Helmet Pin. The first enamel pin we've ever publicly sold! Artwork by Andrew Douglas. Available first at AX and RTX.

The Neuro Elite Sweatshirt. Artwork by Mariel Cartwright. This item is a convention exclusive and will not be sold online. Available at our booth at AX and RTX.

The Hunter64 Poster. 18x24". Artwork by Nina Matsumoto. This item is Anime Expo exclusive and will not be sold online.

The Day 64 Poster. 18x24". Photo/design by Meg Turner. This item is an RTX exclusive and will not be sold online. However, it will also be available at San Diego Comic Con.

Which is a great segue into our next item- We'll be back at San Diego Comic Con as well! Look for more info on that show very soon.

Last but not least, we have a new podcast! We just got done filming a video. Let's record a podcast by a lake! WOW! Look at that scenery! Stunning! Anyway, we talk about E3 impressions, argue over It Comes at Night, and reminisce about video game nudity. Audio version here.

We are busy at work with many large projects. We're sorry it's meant a lull in our regular videos. But we'll have some awesome ones on the way soon regardless. Keep an eye out!

Thanks as always for supporting us here at Mega64!

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