Color us surprised yesterday when we found Mega64 all over some of our favorite news sites! Some sort of toxin in the air must have caused these trusted sources to all show love for this rag-tag band of goofs all at the same time. In any case, first up is our interview with the great guys at New Media Rockstars. You can hear them talk about their favorite games of 2012, their least favorite games of all time, consoles, etc. We had a great time hanging with these guys for the day, and you can see the interview and photoshoot they did right here! Or watch the video version below! We also were featured on Complex's list of the Top 25 Video Game Personalities Who Aren't Developers. You may be surprised to read that yours truly (Rocco) comes in way, WAY higher on the list than should be acceptable. Judge for yourself and read it here. We wanted to inform you that Royce's Choices won't be happening on the site tomorrow. You see, our Martin Luther King tribute stream might, uh, still be going...  I wouldn't click that if I were you. You've been warned.

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