Mega64 has been really excited about the new Scribblenauts game coming out- Not only because they're good friends with the guys at 5th Cell, or the fact that they are actually IN the game- no, they're just fun games with a lot of possibilities. It felt like a good time to meet up with the 5th Cell guys and make a video about just that. Check out our Scribblenauts Unlimited video we made with them! Hope you enjoy it, and absolutely check out the game when it comes out- The entire Mega64 crew is in both versions! Just write in our full names, and bam, there we are! Check it out later this month. The game actually comes out the same day as our MEGA64 GAMEDAYS 2012 Disneyland event. Don't forget- that's in less than two weeks! Will we see you there? Stay tuned and we will finally post the finally final schedule for it!

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