Who killed Little Peggy, my wife? Where is "D?" Also, who is the cat? All of these mysterious questions go completely unanswered in our brand new video, "D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die." The story behind this strange video is that the game developer Swery (Creator of D4 and Deadly Premonition) wanted to have a video by us playing at his GDC talk this week. He Skype called us from Japan with a bunch of weird ideas for a video, all of which were cracking us up. The result is this video based on a seriously underrated Xbox One game. Watch below or over at YouTube!

We also put up a new podcast this week- It's a raw, uncut, no frills show where we talk about what's been going on as we head out the door to PAX! Watch it below or listen to the audio version here!

That's it for us, but come see us at PAX EAST this weekend! Our panel's on Friday at 1:30PM in Bumblebee Theater! And we'll be at booth 3069 all weekend long!

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