As you may have seen if you attended our panel at PAX today- We are proud to announce that the whole Mega64 cast and crew will be usable characters in the highly-anticipated upcoming game release, "Super Scribblenauts" for the Nintendo DS. You'll be able to enter any of our names into the game, and summon one of us to help you out! You might even be able to enter the name of our show for a treat as well. Here's a video we shot at E3 to give you an idea of what to expect. Note that this was footage of an earlier build of the game, so things may change, and also Derrick won't be all detached in the end. He'll be flawless, as usual. No, but in all honesty, this is a huge milestone for all of us. We are extremely grateful to the guys at 5th Cell, and the least we can do for them is tell you to preorder the hell out of this game right now. This was already one of our most anticipated game releases this year (before we were in it or anything) so this is pretty nuts to us quite frankly!! Anyway, aside from that (But keeping in the Penny Arcade spirit), we have a new entry in our series for PATV today. It's a just-discovered tape from the mid 90's... An old show called "VG Fact Checkerz" that you should really watch immediately. All your biggest video game mysteries are finally put to the test, and the results are... well, see for yourself here. Our panel at PAX today was so good! Thanks to everyone for making it another great show. Come visit us at our booth today and tomorrow!

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