As you know, the long-awaited official Mega64 Soundtrack is being released this Friday. We have copies in-hand here at our office, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out. The tracklist is great, the included-book looks awesome- It's just a great all-around package. But the question on everyone's mind is: What songs are actually on this thing? Well rest assured, with all the musical soundtrack cuts, video scores, and forgotten tunes of yester-year, this CD has 25 of Mega64's best tracks ever. What other album can boast that? This is the first Mega64 soundtrack. So none. Ever. Without further ado, the full tracklist for the album is:
  1. Sequence Erase (Instrumental) - The Aquabats
  2. Pudding Basin (Snake Song) - Summer Semester feat. Jessse feat. Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo
  3. Ten Thousand Dollars - Josh Jones/Mega64
  4. Billy And His Time Belt - Josh Jones/Rocco Botte
  5. Cowpokez - Rocco Botte feat. Lowtax
  6. Elite Beat - Josh Jones
  7. Convenient - Josh Jones/Mega64
  8. Kid Cuisine - Slowdraw The Hungry Eskimo
  9. Rave Time!! (Let's Have A Party) - Josh Jones
  10. Restless (Jam Session) - Josh Jones
  11. Marcus Is Rich - Josh Jones/Marcus
  12. Average Cowboy - Josh Jones/Shawn Chatfield
  13. GDC - Josh Jones/Rocco Botte
  14. Handful of The Sky - Josh Jones/Shawn Chatfield
  15. Please Let Me Die (I Want To Die) - TIM
  16. Presidential Dance-Off - Rocco Botte
  17. Sexy64 - Rocco Botte
  18. Directions - Josh Jones/Derrick Acosta
  19. Magic (The Gathering) - Josh Jones/Shawn Chatfield
  20. Playing Around With Boys - Josh Jones
  21. Gears Hero - Derrick Acosta
  22. My Name's Horatio, You Got Me, You Ain't Got Nobody Else, So Deal With It, And Love It - Josh Jones/Derrick Acosta
  23. Can't Breathe (Opossum Song) - The Mega64 Band feat. Thark feat. Josh Jones
  24. Finale - Josh Jones/Mega64
  25. I'm Scared - Bad Credit
Not a bad mix to bump in your ride, bro! Be sure to come back Friday to pick this disc up!
But wait! To hold you over, there'll be a new Mega64 Podcast tomorrow as planned. It's a real strange one too- It may not ultimately please you, but you'll never know unless you come back tomorrow and watch it, RIGHT?
Oh, and another quick note- Recent merchandise orderers, please be a little patient; We've been beyond busy with preparing for PAX and new videos and whatnot, so orders are taking a little more time right now. But rest assured, your stuff is on the way! Believe it!
See you tomorrow!

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