Some of you iTunes subscribers probably already noticed that this week's Mega64 Podcast went up a little early. Well, there you go- the more astute lot of you got an early treat. I certainly hope you appreciated it! For the rest of you, you can watch the Mega64 Podcast Episode 161 below. You can also listen to the audio version here. This podcast is a little less funny and a little more real as we discuss, in great detail, how Mega64 was tied into the fall of the company Realtime Worlds, and other important subjects. You may also notice the return of everyone's favorite multi-colored furniture. The Sumo strikes again! Watch below! Be sure to definitely come back here soon- Some surprising new videos are in store. Plus, we'll finally reveal the actual contents of the upcoming "Mega64 Night Time" DVD release! You simply must come back! MUST!

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