PODCAST 16O IS AT elecTRONica!!!

Hey gang!! We wanted to make the 160th podcast special so we went to Disney's California Adventure, for "elecTRONica." All of you people who like TRON and/or Frisbee golf, are going to be very happy. We go to Flynn's arcade, dance at a TRON rave, and eat food out of bowls of bread. While doing this we talk about our new "Zombies" video that just came out on Penny Arcade TV. We also answer emails and do some more dancing!!! Listen to it here... With all that going on I almost forgot about our amazing "Disrespect Mega64 in Super Scribblenauts" contest. It is time to declare the winner!! And I have the privilege of announcing the top 3... (although only 1st place gets a prize.) 1st Place: BaronVonRosco - Disrespect Mega64 2nd Place: RainbowFission -Sellouts 3rd place: MaxGilardi - Scribble FAGZ So sit tight BaronVonRosco your prize will be coming shortly. I would like to thank everyone who took the time to make a video! They turned out great! Special shout out to MikeOShay for giving us a taste of out own medicine. See you guys next week!

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