It's time for our 170th podcast to be unveiled like the art piece it is. Which brings me to what I really want to talk about... if Yoko Ono can go into a museum and make noise, and that's considered art, then the things my friends and I say once a week are like a freaking Picasso. That being said, enjoy this masterpiece of a podcast. Spoiler: My favorite part is when we talk about caffeinated beef jerky. Now listen here! Before I let you go, I should say that being as observant as we are, we have noticed it's been rather cold pretty much everywhere. So, we have decided to lower the price of our beanies to $9.99. Also Version 1 Special Edition is about to sell out. So, if you were waiting to buy it, I feel like now is your time. (seriously we only have a few left.) Ok that's all. Later.

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