...In the sense that we filmed this while driving. On our way to a very secret filming location we had a brilliant idea.  Everyone loves driving in Southern California. Why not film a podcast of us stuck in it so you can get the full experience of what the LA freeways are like!!!  In this Podcast we talk about what food is cool, and what  food is dorky. We also cover games we have been playing recently, and old TV shows our moms used to watch! Listen to us bother other drivers here! Before you go, I hope to see you guys at PAX!!! Don't forget to come to our panel on Friday at 6PM in the Pegasus Theater! Also come to our booth #3648! It's going to be so cool! For those of you who don't live in the North West, you go to our online store and buy something and pretend that you got it from our booth! That seems like something you shouldn't be embarrassed of... See you in Seattle!!!!

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