So there were some technical difficulties getting today's podcast to you. We gave you a new skit from our musical instead. Was that not enough? It wasn't? Well, this is probably not going to go over well with you, then. The podcast you're getting today is a pretty brief one- We're right in the middle of shooting a ton of huge video projects, so we had to kinda hurry it up. In fact, we were forced to consolidate podcast-time and taco-time into the same half hour. But the important thing is that we do still discuss our recent "HAWX" and "Elite Beat Agents" videos. So there's that. Watch below or subscribe to the left! Download the audio version here. The Elite Beat Agents video has been getting around! We just saw it on Joystiq, Kotaku, and a few other places. You guys are awesome for passing it around so much. Keep it going! Between this and last week's HAWX video, we've had more publicity then we probably ever really deserve. As you can tell from the podcast, we've been pretty busy with our musical and other stuff. Last Friday we had the final big day of filming for the former, and it couldn't have gone any better. We had a fantastic location, and a bunch of fantastic fans who showed up to be stars for the day. I really wish we could show what we filmed now, but it'll have to wait for the Version 3 DVD. Releasing little clips like "Elite Beat Agents" helps though- If only for getting instant gratification for an extremely long editing haul. I mean, not that the Mega64 system didn't spit that video out itself, but... I mean, if it WERE edited on a non-linear editing application, it might have looked something like this little hassle here. Yeah. Yeesh. Anyway, hope you enjoy this week's stuff. We'll be back soon with even more videos.

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