The Mega64 Podcast Episode 88 is up. We settle down for a post-filming breather to talk about our most recent couple videos (HAWX & Killzone stuff), Street Fighter IV, World of Goo, Dick Tracy, and of course, your emails. Watch below or subscribe to the left. Click here for the audio version! There's actually one funny thing we didn't get around to mentioning in the podcast- This past weekend, we filmed a new skit (based on an assuredly popular title that at this time shall remain unrevealed). The moment we finished the skit and took our costumes off, we walked into the mall food court only to be met with these gentlemen rushing at us: It was really weird! We thought we were being pranked back by the public or something, but apparently these guys were at the mall to see the Street Fighter movie. Mind you, these men are three days late for the movie's debut, and dressed as characters who never appear in the film. You cannot find dedication deeper than that. Fandom is funny. I saw people dressed up when they screened the Death Note movie there too! Only, they were girls inexplicably dressed like black cats. Is this a new trend? To dress up as characters you wish were in the movie? In that case, I'll see you at the Terminator premiere, dressed as my favorite Disney character, Pinnochio. I was thinking of going as far as a glowing eye and a "P-1000" nametag, but that's just a little too much work. A few quick notes before we part ways: 1. A lot of you have asked why there wasn't a download link on our last video we posted. Well, the truth is, we're kinda evaluating the whole downloading thing. Here at Mega64.com, we have always provided high-res copies of (nearly all of) our videos. And we want to continue to give you that option. The thing is, big HD video downloads like that hurt our bandwidth (which shouldn't be surprising). On top of that, the only ad revenue we really make with Mega64 right now is through Youtube, and we noticed a lot of our recent videos getting downloaded from our site and put on some proprietary platform that we don't get any hits from. Now don't get us wrong, any publicity is fantastic to us. We're not sad or anything here- We just have to move forward in the smartest way possible. And hey, it takes us a while to be smart! So we'll get back to you on this. 2. Thanks for ordering merchandise from us! Some recent orders took a little while longer to ship, but everything's fine now. The Post Office likes to be snotty sometimes and hold your stuff up. We assure you we're giving them hell about it. Or at least, looking at them really meanly. 3. There's been a dearth of spam threads on our forums lately. It sucks but we're taking care of the problem as quick as we can. In the meantime, please don't respond to those kinds of threads. Thank you! We'll be back in the next couple days with a new video. As usual, we don't really feel like saying what it is. See you then!

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