Alongside this week's new podcast, we bring you a hefty news update on the future of Mega64's videos! From now on, the videos Mega64 makes for IGN.com will no longer be for Insider subscribers only. They'll be available for free for the public to watch on regular ol' IGN.com. We'll still do a couple a month just like before, too. There's still perks to being an Insider subscriber, as you'll be able to download the video files in full HD! But to see them for free, just stay tuned to IGN.com and Mega64.com as usual for more fun. So here's the new podcast. Thanks you everyone who joined in our live-feed test we did Sunday night! There was a LOT more people than we anticipated, which was awesome, but... also posed a few problems! We'll get things straightened out before we begin the legit live podcast show. In the meantime, enjoy a recording! This week, we talk about MadWorld, Resident Evil 5, and answer your very important live chat questions! Watch below or subscribe to the left. Click here for the audio version. We have something really cool coming later this week! Come back, I promise you'll like it!

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