This week's podcast is up- episode 92. This was taped right after we stepped off the plane from San Francisco, so we're a little groggy. Also, Shawn isn't there. It's a barebones 'cast this week. However, we do talk extensively about the special guests in our latest video and how they got there. So if you're interested in knowing that stuff, please watch, won't you? Audio version is here. We still don't want to spoil our latest MGS4 video for those who haven't seen it, so I won't say anything else. But just know that there's still stuff I forgot to talk about in this latest podcast, so we'll have some fun stories next week as well. Keep checking back here, though- We just might be trickling out some more videos from GDC very soon! P.S. Spoilers, but man, look at my face.

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