Hey guys! This is Shawn coming to you from San Diego, California, somewhere on Spaceship Earth! I just had the most fantastic day in the dream, and I thought I would  share my stoke with you out there. First off, we just got in a new shirt design here at the studio- like, a good one, and a sweet one. That, in and of itself, is enough to get me super pumped up.  But then my boy called me and said "We have a new podcast to show the world for part 194 of the Mega64 podcast." That is pretty radical in my book. (For those of you who have no idea who I am trying to sound like, check out this video!) In all seriousness, this podcast is great! We give a review of the new Deus Ex, have a cooler full of mystery drinks, and we announce our 2nd annual Game Days at Disneyland!!!! Plus we end it all off with a dance party! Listen to the audio here... That's all for now! But I want all of you to mark the date 11/13/2011 on the calendar!!!!Game Days at Disneyland!!!!  NOVEMBER 13TH, 2011!!!!! It's going to be such an awesome time! Stay tuned for the sick details!                

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