Royce's Choices! HUGE UPDATE!

Good morning, afternoon or evening Internet Soldierz! First on the agenda, be sure to check out the Lost Footage from the Mega64: Game Gurlz Return to E3 if you haven't already done so. Also, items are selling hot and fast from the Mega64 Store so get something quick before it's all gone! The Group Photo pictures of GameDays 2012 just came out earlier this week so be sure to check that out too. And don't forget, you can add your own photos too, to the GameDays Facebook Page. Last week there was a slew of activity on the Mega64 Twitch Channel, with the Black Friday Sale and the following Shawn's Cleaning on Black Friday Stream. Sorry to keep all of you waiting, but you can now watch both of those stream in the Miscellaneous Archive. This past Sunday there was a return of the Mega64 Live Podcast, plus an extra long After Show/Cyber Monday Sale Cast. You can find that archived in the After Show Archive for your viewing pleasure. Garrett of course had is usual Poorly Played Stream on Wednesday, which consisted of playing Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. You can watch that stream in the Poorly Played Stream Archive. Poorly Played Stream are always on Wednesdays at 7PM Pacific on the Mega64 Channel. And be sure to follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Mega64 on Twitter to keep up to date on when they'll be going live. And now for the Royce's Choices for the Black Friday Sale, Shawn Cleaning on Black Friday, Podcast 240/Cyber Monday Sale and the Poorly Played Stream 24! That's a whole lotta Choices for this week! So be sure to check out all of them on the Mega64Podcast Youtube Channel! One quick note before I head off. Our friends at the VG Bandits Cast made a 21 minute documentary about GameDays 2012! Be sure to check that out and subscribe to their channel. Anyways, take care, be safe and have a pleasant weekend!

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