Royce's Choices! MLK Tribute Cast 246

Good morning, afternoon or evening. Please delete as appropriate. First and foremost, I deeply apologize for keeping all of you waiting for the Royce's Choices of the MLK Cast of last week. There was certainly a TON to edit. With that being said, I should preface that I've only finished preparing the Choices for Podcast 246 for this week. I'm still working on getting THE COMPLETE MLK Cast recording to all of you for your viewing pleasure, along with this past week's conclusion to the MLK Cast 247 and the Poorly Played Stream 32. Plus there's a couple of other special things that I have in store for all of you so be sure to stick around for that will be coming out soon. As always, to view all of the Royce's Choices visit the Mega64Podcast Youtube Channel. One last note, our fine friends at Jabronie Pictures have less than 26 days left of their Battle Hero Absolute Indiegogo Campaign so be sure to help them out in anyway that you can! All of you take care, hope you're enjoying your weekend and I'll see you tomorrow!

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