Royce's Choices! Podcast 238, Rocco Q&A and Poorly Played Stream 21

In the morning to all Internet Soldierz! First up, be sure to check out Mega64's latest video if you haven't already done so, Mega64: Scribblenauts Unlimited! Also, GameDays is in less than 9 days! Be sure to check back to the site soon for the Mega64 GameDays 2012 schedule will be posted. And don't forget to check out the GameDays Facebook Page to keep up with other attendees. Last Friday on November 2nd, there wasn't a POS Theater due to technical difficulties, but there was a special 12 hour Rocco Q&A Stream. You can watch that stream here in the Miscellaneous Archives. Don't forget that POS is every Friday at 7PM Pacific on the Mega64 Twitch Channel, and it is a LIVE ONLY show so you don't want to miss it! This past Wednesday Garrett had his Poorly Played Stream of Resident Evil: Director's Cut. You can watch the entirety of that recording in the Poorly Played Stream Archive. You can follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Mega64 on Twitter to be up to date on when they'll be going live. Poorly Played Stream is always on Wednesdays at 7 PM Pacific on Mega64's Twitch Channel. Note: I've changed ALL labels on the Royce's Choices AND Archives from "Live Gameplay Stream" to "Poorly Played Stream" since that's the official name now. Last piece of info before the Choices, you can watch the Podcast After Show 238 in the Archives here. And now for the Royce's Choices for Podcast 238, Rocco's Q&A Special and the Poorly Played Stream 21! As always, check out the Mega64 Youtube Channel for all the Choices. All of you have a nice weekend, be safe and take care!

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