Royce's Choices! Podcast 247 & 248

Good morning, afternoon or evening. To keep all of you in the loop of things, I can assure all of you that haven't forgotten about Garrett's Poorly Played Stream. I'm still recording and editing those, along with making Choices too, though my priority as of current is the Podcast. I will though, however, have the Poorly Played Streams up soon, and I do appreciate all of your patience as I roll all of this content out as quick as possible on a weekly basis. Next thing I wanted to mention was that the Big Kahuna of MLK Cast 246 is at the VERY TAIL END of being edited! So the ENTIRE RECORDINGS of that will be up more than likely in next week's Royce's Choices post. Side note, I've been getting a lot of good feedback from all of you on the MLK Cast 246 Choices, especially Alex AKA PoopSackWilliams and Garrett's Response to the Falsely Made Poorly Played Stream. By the way, sorry to have bombarded all of your Youtube Subscription Streams, but there were certainly a TON of moments to Choice. You can watch the entire After Show of Podcast 247 and 248 in the After Show Archive. Anyways, now for the Royce's Choices of Podcast 247 and 248! As always, be sure to stop by the Mega64Podcast Youtube Channel to view all Choices. All of you take care, have a fun weekend and kick some ass!

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