Royce's Choices! Podcast 249/Controversial Update

I just want to say that I cannot confirm nor deny that this is my last Royce's Choices Post. But I can certainly say this will be my most controversial one, so let's get right into the thick of this mess. First off, you can watch the Podcast 249 Pre-Show and After Show in the After Show Archive. A couple days before Mega64 had its MLK Cast 246, they did a Test Stream, in which you can check out in the Miscellaneous Archive. Next up, the long awaited MLK Cast 246 ENTIRETY IS HERE!!! IN 77 PARTS!!! Come and get it in the After Show Archive!!! Also, to those of you who are interested in the technical information on how much storage everything came out to be, the MLK Cast of 77 Parts took up 45.5GB. The RAW Footage of the MLK Cast though took up 443.99GB. And now for the Royce's Choices of Podcast 249! As always, to watch all of the Choices visit the Mega64Podcast Youtube Channel. One last piece of info before I go. Regardless of your moral values and whose side you're on for Mega64, some of you may or may not know about the infamous MLK Cast Poorly Played Stream. Well, I'm here to tell you first...THAT IT IS AVAILABLE NOW FOR YOUR VIEWING PLEASURE!!! Check it out on the Mega64Podcast Channel AND downloadable in the Poorly Played Stream Archive!!! Anyways, hopefully I'll be back next week in one piece! Bye!    

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