Royce's Choices! Poorly Played Stream 23

Good evening Internet Soldierz! Sorry for keeping all of you waiting, but let's get started! First and foremost, if you missed the Mega64 Black Friday Sale, you still have a second chance to hop onto the Cyber Monday Sale for the Gamer Warz DVD! Also, a lot of items have already sold out and existing items are selling out quickly so get them while they still last! To those of you who attended the 3rd Annual GameDays event, hope all of you had a wonderful time meeting the Mega64 Crew and the other Internet Soldierz. Don't forget to share your photos and videos on the GameDays Facebook Page if you attended! This past Wednesday was a monumental one for the Poorly Played Stream, in that Garrett Hunter, AKA Fruitsnax, has finished Resident Evil: Director's Cut! You can watch the entirety of that Stream in the Poorly Played Stream Archives. Don't forget, Poorly Played Streams are every Wednesday at 7PM Pacific on the Mega64 Twitch Channel. And be sure to follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook, as well as Mega64 on Twitter. One last piece of news right before the Royce's Choices. Last Wednesday our friends at Jabronie Pictures had their very first live podcast on Youtube! You can catch the archive of that stream on their Youtube Channel here, and be sure to subscribe so you'll know when they'll be having their next one. And now for the Royce's Choices of the Poorly Played Stream 23! As always be sure to catch all of the Choices on the Mega64Podcast Youtube Channel. One last note before I go: I can assure all of you that yes, I did record the Black Friday Sale Stream and I am working on getting that to you folks by the next Royce's Choices. The ending half of this week was quite a busy one, but at least next week's Royce's Choices you'll have a lot more Choices to watch! Other than that, all of you take care, be safe and enjoy your Thanksgiving weekend!

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