Royce's Choices! Poorly Played Stream 32, 33, 34 & 35

Good morning, afternoon or evening! First off, just to clear the air, yes, I am safe. I survived a week full of much physical confrontation to say the least. I am no longer in hiding, nor do I have anyone to run away from anymore. With that being said, let's get right back into the normal routine of things. Poorly Played Streams 32 (Halo 4), 33 (Devil May Cry 5), 34 (DMC 5) and 35 (Metal Gear Reveangeance: Rising) have been added to the Poorly Played Stream Archive in which you can download. As always, you can watch Garrett's stream every Wednesday night at 7PM Pacific on the Mega64 Channel. Also, be sure to follow Garrett on Twitter and Facebook, along with Mega64 on Twitter to be up to date on when they'll be going live. Since there wasn't a Hot Sunday Night Podcast this week, the Choices this week are strictly Poorly Played Stream related! As always, visit the Mega64Podcast Youtube Channel to watch all of the Choices! All of you have a wonderful weekend and do something fun!

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